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What is Website Analysis

Are you happy with the way your website performs?

If the answer is no (or you know your site can do better) then continue reading.

Website analytics is a tool of digital marketing offered by Google for measuring website’s traffic performance, digital marketing promotions performance & customer behavior online and website traffic & conversions. Website analytics also help you to understand your web page and the way of visitors see it. There are different techniques to identify the visited users including IP addresses, user agent and IP address combination, cookies, authenticated user. The focus of website analytics is to understand a website’s audience, their behavior and activities.

Benefits for your business

We will analyse your website to see if it captures your brand’s style.

Your website is a strong reflection of your business and helps build your audiences impression of your company. If your websites design doesn’t reflect your business, it will send mixed signals to your audience.

Good web design uses a colour scheme that aligns with your brand.

Develop strong analytics.

Apply proven tracking methods to reach your marketing.

Be recognized for your analytics expertise and commitment to evolving your skill set.

Get detailed information on your website traffic source and conversions monthly.

You can find the location of users.

Know you visitor behavior and what are they looking on your website.

Create Goals and track the performance of your site.

Custom reporting and data measurement.

What we can offer

We offer services for Branding, Graphic Design, Web Development, Ecommerce, Explainer Video, Animation, Content Writing, Internet Marketing and more.

A demo URL will be provided during development of a work. Therefore, customer can check what’s being done from time to time.

We provide best solutions, free consultation & we complete what we promise.

We help customer to reduce cost, increase efficiency and stimulate sales through our projects.

Each website we build are responsive & SEO friendly.

Any bug in the website or application after the delivery will be fixed free of charge.

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